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System for Programming and Realization of Embedded Systems

FR TI1/038


The architecture description languages can be used for a description of the embedded system (like a mobile phone, etc.). These languages catch all basic features of the embedded system, whereas the description doesn't contain concrete details. The architecture description languages provide a high abstraction level therefore we can achieve a great productivity by the embedded system design. This type of the description is Very suitable for a creation of the embedded system's specification as well as an input of the generation process which generates a compiler, debugger and real hardware realization. The task of our project is to create progressive methods that enables automatically create mentioned outputs based on the system specification. The methods will be implemented as generators.The benefit of the full automatic generation is a shorter time, which is necessary for creation of tools and real hardware. Further benefit is, that a consistence is ensured between tools and the embedded system itself.


A specification of the embedded system starts with a description of functional and non-functional properties of the system. The specification is updated step by step whith more details. Then it changes into the specification of hardware and software. Based on the software specification a program is created in particular programming language. The hardware specification crosses into the hardware description in hardware description language. After creation of the hardware specification it is a right moment to create tools for programming and debugging of embedded system's software. This step is also crucified in the whole embedded system's design and following development steps would be suitable to automatize. These development steps include a creation of the mentioned tools and a realization of the hardware based on the specification. The task of our project is the automatized generation of mentioned outputs based on the embedded system's specification.
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